The Coffee

We feature dark roast coffee from two very special roasters. When done right, dark roast coffee is smooth, round, familiar and satisfying.

Percolator Coffee

Percolators are ideal for dark roast extraction because they reach a higher temperature than many other methods, allowing you to pull flavors out of the coffee that you wouldn't otherwise access, producing a rich brew with a velvety mouthfeel.


Our gorgeous Unic Stella di Caffè is a top of the line French espresso machine with a jaw dropping design (seriously, this thing looks like a juke box) and pulls beautiful, creamy espresso. We offer a full traditional espresso menu, as well as some one of a kind Lynny's coffee creations.

Noriega Mexican micro-lot coffee grown in Nayarit

About our roasters

Noriega Natural

Micro-lot, washed Mexican coffee grown and roasted in Nayarit, Mexico. Tasting notes of cocoa, Syrah and graham.

Noriega Natural is owned and operated by Lynn’s mother, Dana Metcalf, who stepped away from her 25 year career in hospitality in 2011 when she and her husband Tom moved to Nayarit, Mexico. They live off the grid on their 80 hectare ranch in the mountains, and grow, pick, dry, roast and bag their delicious, shade grown Arabica coffee themselves onsite using the most rigorous and traditional methods in the coffee world.

We serve this micro lot coffee as much as possible, brew it at home, and love every drop. Noriega Natural is currently served as our Percolator Coffee - delicious!

Hellacious espresso from Sightseer Roasters

Hellacious Espresso from Sightseer Coffee

Washed Mexican/Guatemalan blend. Tasting notes of cocoa, brown sugar, almond butter and orange.

We offer Hellacious espresso from Sightseer, an impact-driven coffee roaster in Austin, TX. This women- and queer-owned business is a proudly feminist enterprise, with all their coffees farmed, sourced, and roasted by women. Co-founders and coffee-industry veterans Kimberly Zash and Sara Gibson started Sightseer with the goal of offering up delicious, high-quality coffee that directly supports gender equity in the coffee industry. Delicious and best of Austin winner for 2023!